the surface

We own the most advanced technologies for the manufacturing of wrapped and post-formed components made with the application of polymeric and paper-based foils.

Each production plant focuses on a core processing technique to guarantee excellence in every product.
Postformed doors and components

Fully wrapped doors and components

Integrated handles doors, J-pull

Lightweight components
Flat laminated and four sides edge-banded components

Framed doors

Profiles and accessories

Flat pack furniture

mediaprofili technology centers

1. profiles and framed fronts with polymeric and paper-based foils

2. post-formed and fully wrapped surfaces with polymeric foils

3. post-formed surfaces with paper-based foils

4. lightweight components
5. ready-to-assemble packaging and shipping departments

6. doors packaging and shipping departments

7. edge-banding components CNC operations

8. product development laboratory