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Sustainability comes from responsibility: our core leading principle since the beginning.
We see it as a never-ending journey that help us to improve day by day keeping our focus on.

Economic and products sustainability to grow in efficiency and competitiveness, environmental sustainability to respect our planet and our community.

designed for sustainability

We are aware that the ability to design sustainable products will be the dominant factor to be a key player in the future. Design for sustainability is a track of action defined to guide our future development.
Designed for sustainability actions:
  • increase the lifespan of products through long-lasting quality
  • increase the use of recycled and sustainable materials
  • raise environmental and sustainability awareness in the supply chain
  • ensuring compliance of products and material/substance
  • focus on safe and healthy materials
  • improving energy efficiency and energy management
  • maximise the use of renewable energy
  • reduce production scraps and waste
  • focus on lightweight solutions
  • design products which are production friendly, with a focus on functionality and form
  • focus on smart packaging solutions
  • inspire ideas and solution to improve processes, cost, and quality
  • keep on leveraging on gained experience to boost improvement
Increase the use of recycled materials: rPET

rPet is a foil produced from recycled plastic bottles that are collected after end-user utilization and separated into homogeneous material.

The regeneration of recycled plastic bottle, passing through flakes state, comes out with a foil that has the same quality of virgin plastic.

mediaprofili technology allows applications with rPET in all available finishing, without compromising on quality nor aesthetic results: high gloss, supermatt, smooth or embossed, solid colours or wooden patterns.

Recycled PET allows the reduction of emissions and reduces the use of raw materials, making them available for future generations.

environmental responsibility

Over the years, our commitment to protect the environment has steadily increased.

We privilege the use of recycled panels to reduce waste volumes and greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing to protecting forest resources. We are replacing virgin with recycled foils to increase the sustainability of our products.

We have continually raised the use of FSC® material (FSC-C013690) and PEFC material (18-31-639), which now represent almost 100% of total procurement.

Look for our FSC® - Certified Products.

Today, 100% of the energy used by mediaprofili comes from renewable sources.

We are certified

2013 - Certification ISO 14001
2010 - Certification PEFC
2009 - Certification ISO 9001
2003 - Certification FSC®

Energy emissions reduction and consumption monitoring.

We have carefully analysed each component of our energy use to identify and implement processes improvement to reduce consumption. Over the past few years, we have implemented solutions that have significantly lowered electrical energy use and, as a consequence, emissions. Looking to the future, we have identified actions to reduce energy consumption over the next few years.

Towards a total eco-friendly production process

We apply an environmentally sustainable approach in selecting raw materials and decrease energy consumption throughout the entire production chain to ensure the eco-efficiency of processes, in order to minimise consumption, production costs, scraps and emissions.

Waste reduction and disposal

Today, only 2% of our waste is sent to landfills, 6% is used to generate energy, 92% is recycled thanks to the optimization of the waste sorting process.