the surface

Beyond the surface, there is our heritage and experience, an equilibrium of technology, know-how, craftmanship, passion and care.

Since the foundation in 1982 we have continuously improved our production processes, developed new materials and technologies to supply our partners with the best sustainable, qualitative and cost effective manufacturing solutions.

We master any polymeric or paper based foil application technology to match our customers’ needs and manufacture products able to excel in any home environment: kitchen, living, bedroom, bathroom or office.


Postformed doors and components

Postformed doors and components

We own the best technology for the post-forming of doors and components. Production lines are designed around each specific material, allowing a broad range of finishes from super matt to high gloss; from solid colours to wooden patterns; from smooth to deep embossed surfaces.
With no compromise between cost-effectiveness and quality.

materials / finishes


Polymeric foils including PET, PP, ABS - PMMA in the virgin and recycled version

We apply polymeric foils with thickness from 0,05 to 2 mm.
Polymeric foils adapt to any finish (High gloss, Supermatt, Mirror, Textured, Wooden pattern, Metallic).
Thanks to the application with PUR glue they are particularly suitable for the realisation of fronts and components intended for wet environment. Polymeric foils are environmentally friendly, offer high chemical resistance, light fastness, easy care and durability. They can be applied with any shape and radius in profile wrapping, 360° wrapping, post-forming of flat lamination execution.

Paper foils

We are applying pre and post impregnated paper foils from less 30 g/m² weight. The finishes range is never-ending.
The cost-effectiveness of the paper and the associated production process make this kind of material a very competitive one for the production of any part of the furniture.
Papers are treated to be resistant against abrasion and lightfastness.
CPL foils provide excellent anti-scratch properties, long lasting performances and are extremely resistant against impacts.



We are continuously investing in the optimal preparation of the particleboard surface to ensure the achievement of the highest quality results.


We produce honeycomb board on which it is possible to apply any type and finish of foils.


A suitable material for the production both of the smallest and most complex profiles as well as for the doors.

Special support

Wooden-based engineered supports can be used to achieve extreme mechanical strength.

High gloss

We are the leader in the production of high gloss components. We can guarantee the highest quality in the market for high gloss surfaces with the application of polymeric foils on MDF, particleboard and lightweight board. Our excellent quality is the result of the perfect support preparation, gluing process and materials development with a focus on durability properties. Environmentally friendly coverings are developed to be scratch resistant, light fastness and easy care in everyday use.


Extremely matt surfaces with soft touch are developed with the utilisation of polymeric or paper-based foils. Components are designed to be anti-fingerprint, light fastness, resistant to abrasion and easy to clean. Supermatt components can be produced with a repairable feature.

Mirror finishing

Special PET foils with mirror effect are used for the realisation of lightweight and competitive components. These components are easy and safe to be produced, transported and handled by the final customers. They are a sustainable alternative to the utilisation of the real and heavy mirror.


We develop coverings with total fidelity to natural materials. Deeply embossed and high textured materials achieve a result with an almost invisible difference between foiled materials and natural ones.

Wooden pattern

We produce hyper-realistic components with any wooden texture and finish. Possibilities are endless.


Metal finishes find in the foil execution the pinnacle of beauty. Foiled components with metal finish are lightweight, sustainable and long-lasting.