the surface

We master any polymeric or paper based foil application technology to match our customers' needs and manufacture produtcs able to excel in any home environment: kitchen, living, bedroom, bathroom or office.

kitchen / bathroom / bedroom / living

We own the best technologies for the production of vertical and horizonthal surfaces for the kitchen environment. Our research is focused on the co-development of sustainable solutions able to:
  • offer a wide range of finishes and solutions in line with the constantly changing market trends
  • offer products able to over-perform in the kitchen environment (high resistance against scratches, heat, steam, impacts)
The products range is practically unlimited and ideal both for the modern and traditional design.
Our processing technology allows extreme resistance against humidity and moisture that finds optimal application in wet environments like bathrooms.

Polymeric foils and edgebands are applied with the best PUR gluing technologies able to maximise components durability in the thoughest utilization condition.
Wrapping technologies with pre-impregnated papers are particularly indicated for the realization of frames and cost effective fronts.

Application technologies with a never ending range of polymeric foils allow the creation of illimitate product solutions for the bedroom environment.
We offer a wide range of possibilies for the creation of living spaces, also with technology and finish in solution of continuity with the other home environments.